Hello there! I am an extrovert who happens to love the solitary nature of editing. 
Born and raised in New York, I’m an editor at heart and cameraperson by second nature. With a strong sense for storytelling, my projects composite the styles of documentary, promotional and short film. Working as an independent freelancer has provided me the freedom to work on a large range of projects, each with its own challenges and end-goals. Some of which have included promotional and corporate videos for New York City organizations and documentaries as well as short films with other independent filmmakers. Though much of my work is based in New York, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to have screenings in both film and television festivals across Italy and the United States. Collaborating with a variety of clients has granted me opportunities to learn how to balance both the storytelling side of a project as well as the technical troubleshooting of production.
During the last ten years, I incrementally began to shift my energy toward post-production. Editing has since become my passion and forte. I deeply enjoy the process of taking a hard drive of disorganized footage and assembling it into a coherent and meaningful story. Making it a priority to organize the contents of what's handed to me - both on the hard drive itself and within the editing program - has also helped me to fine tune my organizational skills. This particular strength has led clients to seek my assistance in organizing their project’s hard drives as well as helping speed up their personal workflows. Focusing solely on post has helped me gain an in-depth knowledge of data wrangling, codecs, camera-to-software workflows, editing styles, motion graphics and color grading. 
Working as a freelancer has allowed me to bring my professional production skills, post-production skills and knowledge into the classroom. In 2011, I was hired to teach a post course at the New York Institute of Technology. During my time at NYIT, my course load expanded to include a variety of production and post-production courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. My lectures and presentations went beyond the expected requirements of each course I taught to inspire the next generation of filmmakers, and to demonstrate and create awareness of the two sides of filmmaking - the story and the technical.
Take your shoes off, stay awhile.
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