Hello there!
When other humans ask what I do for a living, I respond with "I work in post". The third stage of the production world, and certainly one of the most misunderstood, I love taking a bunch of miscellaneous (and sometimes horrendously labelled) footage, and by the end of a deadline, have some sort of visual meaning. 
One question I keep asking myself is how do I show off my post-production skills, when most of the work is sitting at a computer with notes upon notes? Post photos of my timelines? As much as I would love to reside solely in post, that is not possible in today's society. I have also directed, dp'd and produced some of the projects I have worked on. Below are photos from past productions.
Editors are not button-pushers. A chef mixes a bunch of ingredients and herbs to make the perfect sauce. A composer balances the right notes to make a score touch your soul. And editors can feel when a clip needs to be cut or an angle needs to shift in order to make a viewer respond to the story. We are storytellers.
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