Since 2011, I have been an adjunct professor in the Communication Arts Department at New York Tech professing mainly at the Manhattan campus, and ocassionally in Old Westbury. In January 2021, New York Tech announced it will be closing the Comm Arts Department. 
Throughout my years, I have had the fortunate opportunity to team up with a number of my students and faculty members on projects, ranging from CA promo content to collaborations with other departments. As co-director of the annual Animation and Film Festival, I have amassed a plethora students' projects since 2015.
We Were Communciation Arts is my last edited export for CA; a montage as an expression of how I felt from the announcement.​​​​​​​
The Master Plan is a global initiative created by Collegiate Congress Inc.; a student advocacy organization. Filmed by New York Tech Communication Arts students, this short film discusses the importance of addressing health and well-being by United Nations' Ambassadors from around the globe. #iamwithyou.
Comm Arts Student Reel 2020 is a montage of student projects showcasing the students and their creativity in the Comm Arts department.
10/21 IN STUDIO 1021 was shot in our Manhattan campus studio (room 1021) on October 21st, 2019. All students portrayed in this video were enrolled in my Fall 2019 Video Editing course. This highly diverse class consisted of 18 students from 18 different nationalities and ethnicities. This edit focuses on the careers they aspire to.
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